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Flourishing Ideas

Caring for your cut-flowers should be fun to do. Don’t let one flower from a bouquet go to waste instantly because there are some tricks to make your flowers last longer for a lengthy indoor decoration. As soon as our bundle of joy gets delivered to your home, it’s time to put it in water. Flowers bring colour to a room. And if you love this as much as we do, here are some simple tips to keep your flowers fresh and have these budding for a long time.


Guide and Tips to Care Flowers

Clean your Vase

To forestall the development of bacteria and viruses that can cause the shrivelling and drying of your cut flowers, in every case clean your water vase. Try not to leave your jar dry without appropriate cleaning as these bacteria and viruses may kill your new bouquets. Use a quart of warm water in cleaning your vase for the best results.

Change Water Regularly

It is important to change and include a decent measure of water from time to time to keep up the newness and restrain from drying and shrivelling of the flowers. This additionally keeps away a terrible smell brought about by filthy water.

Clean and Healthy Water

A little bit of sugar added into the water supports the flowers and lifts the opening of the petals. Adding a tiny bit of vinegar or lemon blended appropriately hinders the development of bacteria and viruses. This will also save the freshness of your flowers for a more extended vase life.

Remove lower leaves

There shouldn’t be any leaves in the water; so dried leaves must be taken off from the stems. Also never let the leaves touch the water. Eliminating these encourages the new stems to assimilate more water quicker and better. You will want to keep your flowers fresh in a clean and bacteria-free environment. Remove any foliage that floats, making sure your hands are clean too.

Use Sharp Knife to Cut

Try not to utilize dull items to cut the stems of the flowers as this can harm the tissue and can obstruct its water absorption process. Also, cut the stems of the flowers at an angle and get a precise cut of at least 2 cm. In that way, you’ll avoid getting the stems crushed or clogged, and allow them to drink effortlessly for faster water absorption.

Keep in Good Temperature

Try not to put your cut flowers under direct daylight to prevent the flowers from drying more rapidly. Put your flowers in a cool, draft-free place. Keep in mind that the cooler the water, the longer your bouquet can last. This happens because warm water quickly goes up the stems, giving the flowers an instant boost by accelerating the blooming process.

Keep Away from Toxic Environment

Flowers are also delicate from contamination like tobacco smoke and harmful materials, so these should be avoided to be in contact with radiation and poisonous outputs. A filthy surrounding situation destroys the flowers so you have to let them have new and clean air.

Flowers with Woody Stems

If you see roses in your bouquet, you can top up your vase with two-thirds of water. This flower has woody stems, and getting their share of water can be challenging. So, to balance the intake from petals and leaves, we cut any extra foliage off the stem.

Flowers with Soft Stems

Most spring flowers have soft, green stems. To keep flowers fresh, simply place them in a half-full vase. And remember to handle them with care, as they bruise more easily. Remember though that your bespoke bouquet by Flower Station will carry a variety of flowers, some with soft and others with woody stems. For this particular case, renewing the water every two days is essential. Just trim the stems, remove any excessive foliage, top up your vase with one-thirds of water and you’re good to go! Dealing with your bouquet keeps your flowers new, yet it can likewise be your day by day moment to loosen up and connect with nature.